Welcome to HMC Medical Center

HMC Medical Center - Multi Specialist Clinic of Motor City, Dubai

We are multispecialty health care group in UAE since 2009. Our doctors include dedicated consultants & specialist with immense local & International experience. Our health care group has provided care to more than 20,000 patients.

HMC Medical Center is a new branch of Healers Medical Center (Sharjah) located on Motor City, Dubai. This facility provides range of Outpatient care in the fields of Gynecology, Pregnancy, Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormonal disorders, Dental, GP & Family Medicine.

Our team comprises of Consultant, Specialist, General practioners, Dentists, Skilled Nurses and support staff.

  • HMC Medical Center is a people centered environment – which means you are at the center of everything we do and every decision we make.
  • We are your partner for health, helping your live well by bringing the best in medicine and healthcare to your door.
  • We provide fast, effective and affordable immediate care for non-life threatening illnesses. Most patients are seen, treated and released in about 60 minutes.

Learn why is it worth it

HMC Medical Center Immediate Care Facilities Provide Quick Care and Relief.

No appointment needed, most patients are seen, treated and released in about 60 minutes. Certified and experienced MBBS, MD (Int. Medicine), DM (Endocrinology) Consultant not nurses and on site diagnostic tests with lab.

  • Thyroid disorder
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Normal & High-risk Pregnancy
  • Puberty, Menopause,PCOD
  • Infertility
  • Vaccinations
  • Hollywood smile designing
  • Broken teeth
  • Root canal treatment
  • Wellness/Medical
  • Diabetes
  • Laser Hair Removal

Why Choose Us

It is the people who make HMC Medical Center what it is and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our staff. We all work together to help our patients through recovery, providing the best possible care.

  • Vision

    Improving health through clinical excellence, compassion, and care. We look out for every patient and propose cost-effective solutions.

  • Our Aim

    We aim to provide medical care in the most simplified way. We educate you about your condition and involve you in our decisions concerning your health.

  • Our Values

    Patient centeredness, safety, clinical excellence, and effective communication.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to help patients attain optimal and life-long well-being by providing comprehensive services that prevent, diagnose, and treat disease within an environment of compassion and care.

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